Here at Wild Beast Gardening, our maintenance tasks consist of everything in a garden that needs regular looking after, including the following:

  • Lawn and grass care (mowing, edging, strimming, scarifying, feeding/lawn health…):
  • Plant care (problem solving to improve plant health);
  • Pruning (hedge cutting, topiary, small and large shrubs, small and medium tree pruning, fruit trees, etc.);
  • Garden tidying (weeding, other plant pruning including shrubs and herbaceous perennials, staking, leaf and debris clearance, green waste removal…);
  • Advice on soil health (feeding, mulching, extra nutrients/materials or help when needed);
  • Watering, the importance of it when needed, etc.;
  • Training plants (onto wires, metal and wooden structures, pergolas, etc.);
  • Hard surface renovation (including professional jet-washing, weed clearance, sand re-pointing and hard surface protection);
  • Eco weed-killing;
  • Full garden clearance;
  • Meadow planting and care.

As a team we can assess exactly what needs to be done. There are many different styles in a way you can look after and maintain a garden: neat and tidy, formal, stylish, naturalistic and many more. Or you can have a mix and blend of many styles which reflects many aspects of who you are.

The basic maintenance I teach my team is a mix of many things that I have learned since joining a gardening team in 2006. I can incorporate super order but super wild at the same time, depending on what you like. I’m happy to talk through the process with you so that you can find your preference.

See below the before and after results.