Wild Beast Gardening offers a full array of services to support you with your gardening needs.

Lawn & Grass Care

Mowing, strimming, edging, scarifying, feeding/lawn health, turfing & seeding.

Hard Surface Clean Ups

Blow all paths/hard surfaces, rake gravel, use of The Red Dragon (a flame torch to kill weeds), hand weeding, blow & brush around doors/windows of the house cleaning away any dust, cobwebs, leaves etc.

Hard Surface Renovation & Small Repairs

Including professional jet-washing, weed clearance, sand re-pointing, hard surface protection, small fencing repairs & small hard surface repairs.


Advice on the importance & techniques of watering. Thereafter, we can offer a watering service if you wish. Rainwater harvesting.

Beds & Borders

Weeding, maintaining plants, training plants onto wires, staking, metal & wooden structures, pergolas etc., full garden clearance.

Plant Care

Problem solving to improve plant health, potted plants, re-potting plants, hanging baskets, planters, feeding, cuttings, dealing with climate change.

Soil Improvement and Surface Dressing Pathways

Feeding, mulching, extra nutrients/materials for soil improvement, gravel/stone/pine chips for surface dressing pathways.

Wildlife & Garden Area Management

Management of meadows/ponds/bog gardens, compost bins, improving garden diversity for wildlife.


Small & large shrubs, small & medium trees, fruit trees, fruit canes, roses etc.) Hedging (including all sizes of hedging, topiary, chainsaw work & woodland management.

Have You Thought About..?

‘Have you thought about..?’ is where we make some topical suggestions for you to consider for your own garden.

This time, have you thought about coppicing a Eucalyptus tree for all year round interest? This makes it appear as a shrub in a border adds a very different airy type of look with its foliage.

Not only is it evergreen but will give you 1 to 2 meters of growth each year. Cut it right down in spring to let the spring interest shine through.

Also, the foliage can be used for flower arranging all year round.