Is This a Well-Needed Break for Nature?

I wanted to share this great article from the National History Museum website, that goes into detail on just how much nature has enjoyed our periods of lockdown. It was written a few months ago but is certainly still relevant now. Link: As many of us have been forced to stay indoors during bothContinue reading “Is This a Well-Needed Break for Nature?”

Seaweed to Maximise the Health of Our Plants?

Something that caught my eye a while back: using seaweed in our gardening. This is a fantastic innovation in the agronomy field that we have recently incorporated into our work at Wild Beast Gardening. In our field, we always relish improvements to how the soil and our plants can be treated – this makes forContinue reading “Seaweed to Maximise the Health of Our Plants?”

The Future’s Bright. The Future’s Green.

Here at Wild Beast Gardening, we’re pleased to say that we’ve removed harsh, environmentally damaging chemicals from our range of treatments. Many products are now organic, or meet similar, high standards for sustainability. In our climate we must adapt to the ever changing world. We may have to change materials, resources, plants and methods ofContinue reading “The Future’s Bright. The Future’s Green.”