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Peter Newnham

Owner, Wild Beast Gardening

In 2006, I joined a gardening firm for the first time. Shortly after I took a RHS course at Plumpton College.

It wasn’t until I started understanding more about nature that I became more and more passionate about plants and the bigger picture of creating a garden. The firm taught me the importance of maintenance and how to manage all different types and sizes of garden.

In November 2016 I took over the business.

Our focus is on methods for working with sustainability, the good of the environment, and bringing wildlife back into outdoor spaces. We do this through maintenance, planting schemes, soft landscaping, small tree work and small scale building, such as compost bins, trellis, fencing and sleeper beds.

I have taken the business in a direction which focusses on plants and the environment. This is my passion, being able to unleash my creative side to mix and blend amazing plants. I feel it’s important to have a long term plan to bring a natural spark into your garden. It doesn’t have to be done all at once, bit by bit if necessary. I thrive on changing a garden and maintaining it to make sure it continues to look good all year round.

I feel it’s important for people everywhere, if they are fortunate enough, to have a natural space that uplifts their mood, raising levels of happiness and well-being. A space is even better if you can mould it to the feel you want. Being in these environments has always served me well. We can all benefit from a living natural space to relax and reflect.

I hope a garden does the same for you as it does for me. Nature always wins.

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