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Wild Beast Gardening

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Why us?

We’re proud to say that we’ve removed harsh, environmentally damaging chemicals from our range of treatments. All products are now organic, and meet high standards for sustainability.

In our climate we must adapt to the ever changing world. We may have to change materials, resources, plants and methods of gardening here in the UK.

But there is a lot to be grateful for and to look forward to. In the UK we are lucky to be able to grow a lot of different varieties hardy enough to withstand our unstable and uncertain winters. Now it’s time to bring in the new age of plants, the ones that will adapt to our journey as humans grow to respect the environment.


Lawn & Grass Care

Mowing, strimming, edging, scarifying, feeding/lawn health, turfing & seeding.

Hard Surface Clean Ups

Blow all paths/hard surfaces, rake gravel, use of The Red Dragon [a flame torch to kill weeds], blow & brush around doors/windows of the house cleaning away any dust, cobwebs, leaves etc.

Hard Surface Renovation & Small Repairs

Including professional jet-washing, weed clearance, sand re-pointing, hard surface protection, fencing repairs & hard surface repairs.


Advice on the importance & techniques of watering. Thereafter, we can offer a watering service if you wish. Rainwater harvesting.

Beds & Borders

Weeding, maintaining plants, training plants onto wires, metal & wooden structures, pergolas etc., full garden clearance.

Plant Care

Problem solving to improve plant health, potted plants, hanging baskets, dealing with climate change.

Soil Improvement and Surface Dressing Pathways

Feeding, mulching, extra nutrients/materials for soil improvement, gravel/stone/pine chips for surface dressing pathways.

Wildlife & Garden Area Management

Management of meadows/ponds/bog gardens, compost bins, improving garden diversity for wildlife.


Small & large shrubs, small & medium trees, fruit trees, fruit canes, roses etc.) Hedging (including all sizes of hedging, topiary, chainsaw work & woodland management.

Plant of the Moment

Here we feature plants that have caught our attention recently.

This is sorbus aucuparia ‘autumn spire’, a fabulous tree which has an upright growth habit.

A deciduous tree with simple or pinnate leaves and clusters of small white flowers in spring, then followed by yellow berries which contrasts amazingly with the autumn firework show in autumn.

Our Catchment Area

Wild Beast Gardening is based in the Steyning area of Sussex, working across Brighton, Hassocks, Henfield and Partridge Green (and further afield for larger jobs).

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Gardens are not made by singing ‘Oh, how beautiful,’ and sitting in the shade.

Rudyard Kipling, ‘The Glory of the Garden’ (1911)