Seaweed to Maximise the Health of Our Plants?

Something that caught my eye a while back: using seaweed in our gardening.

This is a fantastic innovation in the agronomy field that we have recently incorporated into our work at Wild Beast Gardening. In our field, we always relish improvements to how the soil and our plants can be treated – this makes for stronger, healthier plants and better gardens (and happier homeowners!).

Seaweed extracts have proven to be very useful to ourselves and the gardening world. By incorporating this new element into the traditional template for a healthy plant – good irrigation, a well-balanced soil, the right nutritional program and a non-harmful pest prevention strategy – we have been able to see some fantastic results in both plant quality and plant health.

One producer of the seaweed products and why they are so useful can be found here:

The seaweed products, as the article says, are “derived from kelp and have been proven to increase antioxidant production in the plant, as well as to promote cell division and root growth”. This is thanks to a specific growth hormone found in seaweed called cytokinins. A study conducted at the University of Florida showed that plots that used the seaweed extracts saw the length of plant roots double. This is an amazing result.

Furthermore, Harrells, one of the producers of seaweed fertilizer, has created a solution that achieves even better results. They combined the original seaweed extract with a new seaweed extract “derived from a kelp mined off the coast of South Africa” which saw the promotion of larger and longer roots. These advancements are good news for the health of our plants.

Seaweed has proven to be one of the best natural fertilizers and fits perfectly into our mix of environmentally friendly products to best treat your plants and gardens. If you would like to see a side-by-side comparison of root growth using the seaweed extract, you can do so by following the link to the Harrells post above.

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